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5 Reasons Why Becoming a Mom is a Total Game-Changer

Our first ever picture together right after delivery.

The original plan was to go back to the Philippines, finish the course as fast as I can, and then go back to the United Kingdom.  However, I was midway into the second semester of my third year doing Radiologic Technology when I first learned that we were pregnant with Zephy. Because the news came as a surprise, I obviously didn’t know what to do because this was nowhere close to what I had planned. Nonetheless, we were so happy and we took it as a blessing.

I have always thought of the saying “becoming a mom is hard and fulfilling at the same time” as something people would just randomly say, you know, para lang may masabi. I never thought it was an understatement. It actually is twice as hard and heaps more fulfilling!

One year on becoming a mother, I have learned that it is indeed life-changing and those who are pregnant and planning to be one should be warned about that. Here are 6 reasons why it is a game changer:

1. It changes your view about EVERYTHING!

Things that used to be important are no longer what they are and those that were once insignificant become the staples, the essentials. For starters, hindi na ako nagme-make up masyado! Lol. Wala nang time eh. Hahaha. Kidding aside, savings didn’t matter before. Ngayon every centavo counts! Even when shopping, I make it a point to compare para I know saan ako makakatipid!

2. It makes you love and appreciate your partner even more.

Frizuel, Zephy, and I at a friend’s wedding reception.

Frizuel and I have our share of ups and downs and petty fights. But when it comes to taking care of Zephy, I have learned to appreciate whatever he contributes in deed however small. Kahit simpleng diaper change lang, helps a lot! Now that I have my hands full with taking care of my little one, every second that I get help is a second na makakapahinga ako or makakagawa ako ng ibang gawain sa bahay. Because trust me, it isn’t just about nappy changes, it’s also about feeding the baby, making sure na malinis ALL THE TIME ang bahay (dahil hindi pwedeng hindi because super sensitive ng babies), patulog ng baby (minsan pahirapan pang magpatulog because hello hello growth spurt!), and many other little things. So partners are really heaven-sent!

3. It makes you more assertive of your rights

I used to be shy and introverted when I was in college. I’d say I still am quite a bit. When I went to the UK, my confidence was boosted a little bit but when I became a mother, I say what I say, whenever I feel like saying it! I no longer let people get away with things na may negative effect sa akin or sa ibang tao. For instance, when Frizuel, Zephy, and I were in a super busy shopping mall waiting for the elevator, there was this guy who skipped the line and just decided that he can go in front of everyone else. I was furious! Of course I didn’t let him off kasi may kasama akong bata and it just isn’t fair. Having a baby makes you think of the bigger picture. You don’t just look at the now but you also look beyond the present. Kung pinayagan ko siyang mag-skip, not only will it be an inconvenience for me and a lot of people (the queue was super long then kasi Christmas season) but also gagawin at gagawin niya yun whenever he pleases.

4. It makes you appreciate every second and minute of rest (and the lack of it)

If you are a mom, chances are, you have a long list of things to do EVERY DAY. When you get the hang of it though, it becomes easier. But what’s harder is when things start piling up that you can’t catch up anymore. Dito na magsisimula ang sakit ng ulo. ‘Yung tipong, nakalimutan mo lang maglaba ng isang araw tapos kinabukasan, tatlong laundry baskets na agad sasalubong sayo, or hindi mo lang nahugasan after ng isang meal ung plato, after 5 minutes, 3-days’ worth of hugasin na ang huhugasan mo. We used to have househelp before when I used to go to work and school, I must admit nakakapahinga talaga ako nun. Pero now that we haven’t any, ang hirap talaga! It really takes conscious effort between you and partner to ensure na magagawa ang lahat ng mga bagay lalo na if dalawa lang kayo. Better time management and allocation ang kailangan para mas matapos ang mga gawaing bahay.

5. It makes you OC-OC of the little things.

I have never been the type na everyday mag-lilinisuntil now. With a baby at home, you just cannot afford not to clean every day (minsan pa nga multiple times in a day) kasi they are super sensitive to germs. My little one has eczema so dust is a potential trigger and keeping the house free from it as much as possible means less possibility na magflare up si baby. Another factor why we do so is because Zephy is at her explorative age so this means she touches everything within her reach. I can’t risk naman na she’d touch dirty things (i.e the floor) so I make sure na okay.

Becoming a mom makes one different things. But taking care of a baby is indeed a turning point in anyone’s life.

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