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Can You Cook Breastmilk? Yes You Can and I Did!

I used to be an over-producer of milk months ago but now that Zephy has started with solid food, I am no longer one. What I pump, I make sure she consumes.

Today I decided to prepare her something different outside her porridge and vegetable diet – macaroni pasta con breast milk! Yep, you read that right! I cooked my breast milk and why shouldn’t I? It’s the same concept as adding cow’s milk to food plus human breast milk is intended for babies to begin with, anyway. Prior to cooking, I had already made some milksicles for Zephy using unused pacifiers and some silicone mold (from my breast pump. Haha!). She loved it!

And which best way could I cook Zephy’s food in? Saladmaster of course! Thanks to my Tita Marjorie Horner for gifting Zephy this super pan made of 316 titanium steel. This material is the same biocompatible metal used as human implants!

Macaroni Pasta Con Breastmilk

What you need:

– 2 oz breastmilk

– 2 tablespoons elbow macaroni

– chopped carrots

– chopped tomatoes

– a dash of moringa (malunggay flakes) from The Superfood Grocer

How to cook:

1. Cook the macaroni pasta really well (soft enough for babies) and vegetables

2. Add in the milk

3. Reduce milk to a thick, cheese-like consistency by constantly stirring

4. Add in the vegetables and moringa powder

The Finished Product:

I tried it myself and although it tasted different (the lipase taste was very strong) and had a distinctive soapy smell while I was cooking it, I thought it was a hit. Obviously, the milk would lose some immune properties through heating but It’s a great way of saving unused milk!

Have you tried cooking your milk? Tell us about your thoughts!

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