• St Peter Funeral Plan

    St Peter Funeral Plan: Why I was Forced to Take out One

    I was Forced to Take out a St Peter Funeral Plan! Yes! That’s right and it’s one of the best decisions I ever had to make. We all die. That’s the hard truth. Getting a St Peter Funeral Plan for myself and Frizuel would hopefully take the burden away from the people we’re leaving behind with the hope that that’s one way to ease the grief when we’re gone. While some cultures talk about passing just as they would other usual topics, we here in the Philippines consider the topic a taboo. There is a ton of superstitious belief surrounding dying in the country. Although some of these traditions are gradually…

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    Momshiefy Explained

    The Definition momshiefy (n)  /mom-shi-fahy/ from the root word ‘momshie-‘ meaning mother in Filipino slang; often relates to modern moms but moms in general as a noun, it means becoming a mother (since I coined the term, I get to define it as well. haha) when read: ‘mom-shi-fehy’, can also relate to the writer of the blog whose name is Faye.  The Background I have had a number of sites and blogs before which have become non-existent because of the lack of effort on my part to update. Now, I am hoping things will be different. This time, I will be writing on things that I didn’t realise I would…