Different Types Nursers

This is the look of breastfeeding pain. It’s REALLY PAINFUL!

I know I have only been breastfeeding Zephy for 13 months but in that period, I have seen her do different antics while nursing. I am sure I have yet to discover more nursing styles as we continue our journey but here I have made a list of what I have encountered so far. 🤣

Your baby could be any of the following types of nursers.

Sleep Nursers

These babies tend to nurse to sleep and nurse while sleeping. “Mahimbing na kaya tulog niya? Tanggalin ko na kaya?” That’s one thing you don’t want to do if you’re dealing with a sleep nurser as you can never be too sure if they would fuss if you try to pull the nipple.

Cluster Feeders

These babies’ feeds usually last A LONG TIME. You need to have plenty of rest when dealing with a cluster feeder because all they want to do is be on the breast all day and all night. The good thing is that babies transform to be cluster feeders during a growth spurt or when they are feeling under the weather.


Babies with no teeth ond are teething who gum on nipples are gummers. They know that what they’re gumming on are not teethers but they do so anyway because they’re babies. For moms, gumming might feel a bit ticklish. It shouldn’t hurt too much and you might even find yourselves going gaga over how cute your baby looks like when he/she gums while nursing.


This is an upgrade from gumming because of teeth. Biters bite on nipples randomly.

Nurses for a few minutes, then bites, nurses again, then bites again. Obviously, this can be super painful for you especially when baby bites and pulls. Boom. Combo!


Twiddlers like to play with nipples. They can be cute in the beginning but after a long day of unlimited latching, this can be super painful especially when baby claws on the nipples.

Twiddlers 2.0 (biting + twiddling)

This is an upgrade from twiddlers.

Nip Slippers

Baby constantly and intentionally pulls off from nipples for no reason. They can be stubborn but very cute.

Acrobatic Feeders

These babies either take a long time to find the most comfortable position or just want to incorporate play with nursing.

Binge Feeders

These feeders can never be satisfied with just one boobie at a time. Binge feeders switches between left and right booby again either because they are bored or for any other reason.

“Strike Anywhere” Feeders

These nursers don’t have any regard for time or place. They feed whenever and wherever they want.

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