Why It's Better To Err on the Side of Caution When Dealing with a Fussy Baby
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Why It’s Best to Err on the Side of Caution When You’re a Mother

Even though I am a first time mom, dealing with a fussy baby who is down with sickness is nothing new to me.

When my baby Zephy was born, she wouldn’t latch on at all! I didn’t think of this as something serious until the doctor told me she had newborn pneumonia. She didn’t have high temperature back then but she had difficulty of breathing and that was making her unable to feed. I was distraught when I was told she was to be hospitalized for 1 week. Fast forward to a week just shy of her second month birthday, I noticed the same breathing pace she did the first time she was admitted to the hospital. It was the cough that I noticed first but I quickly brushed it off as I didn’t think it was something serious. The cough progressed even after being seen by the doctor. We went back to the doctor after 1 day because nebulisation did not work for her. It was this time when she was really having trouble breathing. We took her to the ER and for the second time, we were at the hospital for 5 days for community-acquired pneumonia.

It was 2 nights ago when my baby was suddenly struck with high fever (39.5°C). Seeing her in obvious distress made me feel the same way, too. I should have known how to react given my experience with dealing with such a stressful scenario, but nothing could have prepared me for the whirlwind of emotions that I felt for the next 2 days that came.

The first thought that came to my mind was why? Why did, all of a sudden, my baby go down with fever? I did my deductions and so I thought, since she has been coughing for the last week or so, she might have gotten pneumonia for the third time. Now, for Frizuel, this would be classified as overthinking. I don’t blame him though because admittedly, I tend to overthink when it comes to my baby but as I always tell him, it’s always better to err on the side of caution than regret the consequences of our Zephy suffering. So we quickly rushed our baby to the hospital to have her checked out. Thankfully it was nothing serious and a quick puff of the nebulizer can fix the problem. We followed the nebulization schedule to a T and was not very long until our Zephy was back to her usual self.

If there’s anything I can take home from these experiences, that would be trusting my instincts as a mother. Overthinking is never a bad thing especially when it comes to our little ones’ sake.

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