Momshiefy Explained

The Definition

momshiefy (n)  /mom-shi-fahy/

  • from the root word ‘momshie-‘ meaning mother in Filipino slang; often relates to modern moms but moms in general
  • as a noun, it means becoming a mother (since I coined the term, I get to define it as well. haha)
  • when read: ‘mom-shi-fehy’, can also relate to the writer of the blog whose name is Faye. 

The Background

I have had a number of sites and blogs before which have become non-existent because of the lack of effort on my part to update. Now, I am hoping things will be different. This time, I will be writing on things that I didn’t realise I would be so passionate about – mothering.

I have always liked babies for the obvious reason that they are so cuddly. And yes, even if they are pooping machines, I like them nonetheless. However, I never really imagined I would love babies the way I love this baby – my baby Zephy. Babies really are bundles of joy – the kind of joy that is understated and inexplicable. My baby is the reason why I am writing this blog. I aim to explain the joy that I feel as a first time mom and how to become a mom in written words. This will come as a challenge but I love writing my thoughts (even though I usually run out of words to explicate what I feel).


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