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Our 5 Reasons Why Moving to the Province is Better for our Baby

We Visited the Country and Loved it!

I have always been a city girl. I have lived in Manila almost all my life and almost 5 years in another not-so busy city in the UK. Life in the city is undoubtedly super fast and having a baby to care for makes it twice faster! I have always thought life in the city is perfect since every thing is within reach. Food places are everywhere, big supermalls carry anything you can think of, transportation is relatively okay, and schools boast quality – these are some of the things that city life can offer. I have always thought it nice to settle in the city permanently until we paid a visit to my partner’s hometown in Occidental Mindoro.

I love the simplicity of life in Mindoro! Malls are not as big but carry the essentials, the road network is not as good as in the city but works, and the means of transportation around the area is by tricycle which is not bad since it does its job.

What I love the most are the advantages it can bring to Zephy. Living in the countryside has a lot of benefits to raising a child.

1. Less allergies

Babies in the provinces are exposed to a plethora of allergens (pollens) at an early age so they get “immune” to them early, too!

2. Fresh air

Zephy was born with a mild case of pneumonia and she had it again at 1 month old. Fresh air helps a lot in maintaining clean airways. When we got to Mindoro, Zephy was a bit stuffy but after our 5-day holiday, she was fine!

3. Better coordination

We live in a 2-bedroom apartment and the space is really small. We noticed a great improvement in Zephy’s motor skills when she was in the province because there’s a lot of space to explore.

4. Less stressed, more relaxed

I noticed that Zephy slept better in the province despite not having AC. She slept at 8pm and woke up at the noise of chicken. Despite this, she wasn’t cranky the whole day unlike when we are here. Also, More nature means better creativity for our baby. Zephy loved the sight of flowers, mountains, birds, and farm animals. When we were in the province, we’d only go out and we’d see nature. When we got back to Manila, Zephy was more talkative and she was more interactive.

5. Less gastos, more ipon

There’s just too many temptation in the city. A whole stretch of street full of food bars and restaurants is available in most cities in Manila. We spend a lot of money on restaurants and it’s seriously hurting our finances. Moving would hopefully make us more thrifty and economical. I just hope we don’t miss the city too often as we might randomly fly to Manila and go on a spending spree. Haha.

Because of these advantages, moving to the country has been in our mind. Even though I love going on food trips and random activities that are available anywhere in the city, I think this move is timely and impending with Zephy around.

What about you momsh? Do you ever had to make a big decision as moving from the city to the country all for the sake of raising your children? Share with us your story!

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