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St Peter Funeral Plan: Why I was Forced to Take out One

I was Forced to Take out a St Peter Funeral Plan!

Yes! That’s right and it’s one of the best decisions I ever had to make. We all die. That’s the hard truth. Getting a St Peter Funeral Plan for myself and Frizuel would hopefully take the burden away from the people we’re leaving behind with the hope that that’s one way to ease the grief when we’re gone.

While some cultures talk about passing just as they would other usual topics, we here in the Philippines consider the topic a taboo. There is a ton of superstitious belief surrounding dying in the country. Although some of these traditions are gradually dying out especially in the metro, practices before and after a person dies are still prevalent in provinces. One such practice is taking out memorial and funeral plans too early.

What do traditions say about Funeral Plans?

Only few old people believe in the value of taking out funeral plans. Unfortunately, for most people, they would rather shell out money on the day a person dies than prepare for it (save up for it, in this case). They believe that when a person takes out a memorial plan prematurely, they are sort of premeditating their own death which, as they say, could happen way too soon. Absurd, yes. Baseless, definitely, but  I have heard of old people talk about this since my knowledge of insurance plans.

Aside from this thinking, people consider funeral plans and insurance, in general, a liability and an added expense. They do not really see the value of saving up for something that is bound to happen any time in the future. YOLO is what most people in the Philippines live by, unfortunately.

What is the cost of death in the Philippines?

Aside from the emotional burden that families are left to feel once a loved one passes, the financial burden is not a joke. Most decent funeral services from St Peter Funeral range from P50,000 to P100,000. This is a lot especially for families in the provinces that live below minimum wage. Most families end up either selling their properties or seeking help from families and distant relatives to shoulder this cost.

Why should we be forced to take out a Funeral Plan?

It’s time we change our mentality surrounding funeral and memorial plans. These plans are an assurance that whatever happens to us today, tomorrow, or in the following days, the people we leave behind do not have to suffer financially. Grieving from a loved one passing is already hard as it is; let us not make it even harder for them (as they try to squeeze out every penny just to give us a proper and decent memorial service).

My grandmother and St Peter Funeral Home

Two years ago, my grandmother passed away. It was sort of impending since she had been in and out of the hospital for some time. Way before my grandmother’s passed away, my aunt took out a St Peter Funeral Plan for herself. But guess what? Since it was transferrable, they were able to use it to cover my grandma’s funeral and memorial expense. They did not spend a penny on the memorial service.

Why I personally took out a St Peter Funeral Plan for myself and Frizuel?

When I took out a St Peter Funeral Plan, I immediately thought of Zephy and my family. We are not well off nor do we have a lot of lands or properties to sell when an emergency arises. If something bad happens, I don’t want my family to scramble for money. I want them to chill and relax while they reminisce my life with them.

I don’t want my daughter to be left with nothing because all our saving would have been used to pay for the service. I don’t want to leave my daughter kawawa, in a sense. I guess to put it very simply, I want to be prepared, I want to have peace of mind while I am still well and able that my family will also live well and happy when I am gone – and a memorial plan from a reputable company just like a St Peter Funeral Plan gives me just that.

I didn’t think twice about getting one even though I had to work extra hours every month to pay for it (or stop myself from buying milk tea and eating out). I mean, it’s not even expensive if you think about the price you pay for eating out at Jollibee or buying something off online. Proper budgeting and financial management are all it takes to cover this cost.

We are all going to die. Period. It’s a difficult pill to swallow especially kapag iisipin natin ‘yung pamilya natin – anak, kapatid, nanay at tatay, mga mahal sa buhay – who will be left when we’re gone. What’s the point of stressing out about death when we can all live with a peace of mind?

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