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Top 6 Products I Used for My Baby’s Eczema

Top 6 Products I Used for My Baby’s Eczema

Dealing with eczema is very costly. When my baby had her first ever eczema flare up, we were desperate to try out all kinds of treatment there is. In my search for the best eczema relief, I’d only try out products for a few times and if it didn’t have any effect, I’d switch to another product.

Overall, I must have tried out a few products on my baby but ended up sticking to my go-to items.

1. Sudocrem

Top 6 Products We Used for My Baby's Eczema

Cost: P490.00/125g tub.
Availability in the Philippines: I checked on Lazada and surprisingly it is available.

My dad gave me Sudocrem which he bought in Saudia Arabia. I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to use it on anything since Zephy didn’t have any bouts of nappy rash. However, we used it when Zephy had her first flare up. It wasn’t really effective on her eczema since we didn’t see any improvement but I think it did provide added moisture and relief from itch. Overall, I would recommend it for nappy rash and rashes on baby fat folds but not on weepy eczema.

2. Elica Lotion

Top 6 Products We Used for My Baby's Eczema

Cost: Php805.00/30ml
Availability in the Philippines: Available in all leading drugstores.

My pedia prescribed Elica on our third visit.The lotion variant is apparently less harsh on babies than the ointment type since it is much fluid in consistency. I am very thankful for this medication since it really worked wonders on my baby. We saw an improvement within 24 hours. I was relieved that my baby no longer itched. I very rarely use Elica lotion nowadays since we only use it in times of severe flare-ups. When my baby’s eczema is not that bad, moisturisers would often do the trick. Highly recommended to try out especially on weepy eczema.

3. Atopiclaire Lotion

Top 6 Products We Used for My Baby's Eczema

Cost: P700++/120ml
Availability in the Philippines: Available in selected Mercury Drugstores and Watson’s. No prescription needed.

Atopiclaire worked wonders in moisturising my baby’s skin. Moisturisers work by giving the skin a layer of protection against potential environmental triggers. I don’t think you’d need a prescription to buy this lotion but this was prescribed to me by Zephy’s doctor. We only used Atopiclaire for a good month and decided to switch. I would say it worked as a moisturiser but it didn’t work in getting rid of the itch since when we were still using it on Zephy, we still had sleepless nights.

4. Cetaphil Baby Lotion

Top 6 Products We Used for My Baby's Eczema

Cost: Php412.00/400ml
Availability in the Philippines: Yes

We used Cetaphil Baby Lotion as Zephy’s moisturiser. We opted to go for this instead of Atopiclair because it is much cheaper. The smell is really nice but it is off-putting since I associated the smell to harsh chemicals. Still, we used it because of its affordability. Its moisturising effect is okay but it doesn’t last long. I had to apply layers after layers of lotion because it dries up easily.

5. Mayumi’s Solace and Bliss

Top 6 Products We Used for My Baby's Eczema

Cost: Php500.00/100g
Availability in the Philippines: Yes through

I like this cream because it is formulated with Hemp Oil. Hemp oil contains CBD which has anti-inflammatory effects and as such, helps to calm itch. I would say this worked as our “maintenance” moisturiser. I’d say it sort of calmed Zephy’s itch when we were still using it. It comes in ___g which lasts a lifetime! I also had the chance to try it on my face and surprisingly it has this “manhid” (anesthesia) effect. It’s probably because it helps to calm the nerves. I give Mayumi’s Solace and Bliss a thumbs up for being affordable yet moisturising.

6. Salve de Maria Canna VCO

CBD Salve for Eczema

Cost: Php1000.00/20g
Availability in the Philippines: Rizla Jose

Salve de Maria Canna VCO is similar to Mayumi’s Solace and Bliss but much more potent as it contains higher CBD content while VCO and beeswax are its carrier. I was looking at US products for eczema when I stumbled upon the Canna Salve. Unfortunately, Marijuana and other CBD products are illegal here in the Philippines but it’s a good thing that a Marijuana advocate, Rizla Jose, makes Canna Salve available for those who really need it.

Its anti-inflammatory effects provided relief to itch. But what’s even more amazing is that it actually got rid of Zephy’s rough spots. I’m guessing these rough spots are sources of itch since she’d always scratch these dry areas on her tummy, legs, and arms. We use this as Zephy’s daily moisturiser along with Elica when flare ups are really bad. I cannot fault this product at all except that it’s a bit on the pricey side. I actually wrote a separate review on Salve Maria here.

Bonus: It’s actually also good on adult skin! I used it on my dry spots on my face and it was better in a few days. I also recommended it to my sister-in-law who used it on her acne and the salve helped dry out the acne.

My baby’s eczema nowadays is well-managed with Salve de Maria and occasionally with Elica lotion. She now has healthy skin on her belly which means no more itchy nights and better sleep for everyone!

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